Tips to Make Mornings BRIGHT!

Mornings are critical for every little learner and parent, one bad morning can set off a chain reaction for a bad day. Now, we cannot guarantee these tips will help your child wake up bright and cheerful, but it can make the mornings run more smoothly, even on the dreadful Mondays.

Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

This isn't something new, I am sure you have heard this tip countless times, but with young children it can be essential to have them prepared for the morning. Young ones are developing an identity, allowing them to pick out their clothes the night before will make your mornings easier, but will also given them a sense of independence.

Enjoy Breakfast Together!

Sharing breakfast has just as much of an impression on a young one as sharing dinner as a family. It starts them off with the people they love most! To make mornings even easier, make a chart of all your child's favorite foods, with pictures for really young ones, and let them pick what they want to eat in the mornings. This will take the guess work out of preparing what they want that morning, but again, builds awesome independent skills that every child craves.

Early Bed Times

Parents, you know sending a little one to bed late, does not mean they will wake up late. So keep bedtime routines and times consistent, even on the weekends to ensure they are well rested to start the day with you throughout the week.

Pray in the Morning!

All of these tips are about preparation, the same is true for this tip. Pray. Prepare your heart to spread God's love to others regardless of the morning chaos. If you do none of the other steps, do this one. Begin each day with a prayer, give God requests for the day, give God thanks for the day and model this with your children. Have your children pray with you to prepare their heart to receive all God has for them that day, then enjoy the blessings all day long!

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