Quick and Healthy Lunches your Kids with LOVE!

It's one of the most common questions I gets asked -

"what do the parents pack for lunch?"

It is tough thinking of things your child will eat, in addition, we don't want to be feeding our children unhealthy foods often. I have included a few ideas that will make lunches fun, healthy and quick!

Dinosaur Sandwiches!

Sandwich cut outs are simple way to add fun to any child's lunch. Beckett absolutely loves cut out sandwiches of any kind. It lets him "play" with his food, but more importantly encourages him eat every bite of his dinosaur!

Build Your Own BLT Kit!

Have your child build their own BLT or eat the ingredients individually. This idea would be great with some avocado, cheese, ranch dressing, and some fruit!

Nacho Bar!

I don't know many children that don't have a love for chips or cheese. This Nacho Bar would be quick to put together, but will let you child create each and every bite they take. You could even add ground beef or chicken for some extra protein and change it up with different types of beans to make it new each time.

Mac'N'Cheese Muffins

Again, children have a massive love for cheese, now add a noodle and they might just eat their entire lunch. Add a vegetable and moms everywhere will cheese... I mean cheer! You can find the recipe in the link below.

Make Together Pizza Bites

These might require a little more work, however, if you and your child can cook together they are more likely to eat the things made. Only a few ingredients, and a little more time for a happy and healthy lunch they are sure to love!

Freeze-able Pizza Pockets

Want to make pizzas with your little one, but don't have the time in the mornings (I hear you!) Make these the night or weekend before and just pack them up in the morning! Plus, you still get to make them together!

DIY Lunchable

Believe me, I understand lunchables are quick and easy, it provides that extra convenience in a busy morning. However these DIY lunchables are easy to put together the night before and they are fresh! That would make any Mama heart sing!

Banana Sushi Rolls

How precious are these adorable sushi rolls and they have so much goodness wrapped inside! I cannot imagine any child refusing to eat a peanut butter wrapped banana! You could even add a few chocolate chips or oats for a crunch!


Who doesn't love breakfast for lunch/dinner? Change up any regular sandwich by replacing the bread with a toasted whole grain waffle! It might just spark something new for them to try.

You can find all these recipes and even more at

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