Cooking with Kids!

Cooking with your kids can be overwhelming, it's messy, their messy, and you risk the chance to not be able to eat the food you have just prepared with your little one. However, all these reasons are exactly why you should cook with your child.

If making a mess that inevitably you will have to clean up is one of the reasons inviting your child into the kitchen is terrifying, here are some benefits of making a mess:

  • Teaches your child to clean up - if you make the mess together, you clean up together too.

  • Teaches your child ways to note make a mess - they learn to crack the egg over the bowl so they don't have to clean up slime.

  • It's a sensory experience - Allowing them to touch the flour, seasonings and even egg yokes gives them the opportunity to feel these items and explore the smells that are associated!

If you are worried that give them the opportunity to mix and measure will result in a not so edible treat, you might be surprised to learn eating the food is only a small benefit to these other benefits:

  • By letting them mix and measure they are learning awesome math concept skills, mass and weight that they wouldn't experienced without the chance to do it themselves.

  • Healthy eating starts at an early age, cooking with colorful foods and bringing your child into the experience encourages them to eat the rainbow!

  • The bonding experience you create through cooking together is more rewarding for parent and child than any baked goods, its something that would last forever.

  • Growing confidence in your child, even when the treat or food doesn't turn out like the picture in the cook book, your child has discovered a new love for spending time with you!

Send us your pictures of your family cooking together!

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