5 Easy Ways to Integrate Sensory Play at Home!

Sensory play is critical for early learners. Processing various sensory interactions builds a child's awareness of the world around them. Integrating sensory play is easy, and more importantly, it's FUN! Below are just a few ways you can encourage your child to join in the fun.

Household Chores

Let your child assist you in washing the dishes, mopping the floors, or folding the laundry! Each of these chores brings its own sense of smells, weights, textures, and sounds. Plus, you can always use a few extra hands around the house, no matter how small!

Balancing on the Curb Outside

Balance is something we all worked to develop from an early age and I am sure you have captured a few of your child's first balancing moves on camera - maybe their first steps? Although climbing, jumping, sliding and swinging are all fantastic ways to practice balancing, walking on the curb outside is easy, and available anytime!

Using Masking or Painters Tape

Masking tape or painters tape is something that is usually always in supply at home. Use it up by making your own balancing line! Another easy balancing activity, or you can simply have your child pull masking tape off a table! The sound and motion of pulling, even ripping are all very satisfying sensory inputs.

Playing in Shaving Cream

Every bathroom has some shaving cream left over for play! Spray it on a plate to add some imagination into the mix, or in a bucket with a few other toys to hunt for. Take in the fresh smell and busy hands for a few minutes while your child learns!

No Shoes Outside!

Children thrive on being barefooted. It is simply more comfortable, but taking those bare feet outside offers so much to learn! The hot driveway, the cool and ticklish grass, even the slimy mud if mom doesn't mind. These are all the things those adorable toes will feel!

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