Our Tree House

Kids Kount Tree House is a space designed for children to independently develop their small motor, large motor and sensory processing skills in an interactive environment. By providing materials that allow for children to freely build their sensory and motor development we maintain or philosophy that children should learn through play. Although all the materials are provided for physical development, cognitive, behavioral and emotional growth is also gained through the physical exertion that happens while playing in the treehouse. 

Sensory development is critical for children to develop during the early ages. It allows children to intake information and apply that information into their daily life. Some direct benefits in promoting sensory play is the development of self-control, vocabulary and the understanding of cause and effect. The Kids Kount Tree House provides activities such as our giant ball pit, mounted instruments, sensory table, and textured walls, these activities stimulate a child's hearing, feeling, sight and smell through play!

Sensory Processing Development

Large Motor Skills

Large motor skills are engaged when children are most active. Utilizing these muscles and expanding on a child's abilities naturally reinforces the use of small motor muscles. The Kids Kount Tree House is furnished with a climbing wall, steps and bridge, floor scooters and other inviting tools for play and development. 

Small Motor Skills

Activities that focus on the wrists, hands, fingers, feet and toes or the smaller movements of the body help to build up these muscles. The Kids Kount Tree House magnet wall, light table and books that require movement of the fingers help in the process of strengthening these skills. With the growth of these muscles, holding a pencil and manipulating daily tasks, such as buttoning a button or zipping a zipper become much easier and even habitual task.