Procedures and Practices

At Kids Kount we understand concern parents have when placing their child in a program, especially during the time of COVID-19. We want to help ease your concerns while being fully transparent about our procedures and policies. Below are the steps we will be taking to ensure everyone's safety and health while attending Kids Kount Mother's Day Out:

Face-covering or Masks - Staff will wear masks/face coverings throughout the day, with the exception of outside playtime. Children are not required to wear face-coverings or masks, but if you provide age-appropriate, labeled coverings, our staff will ensure coverings are used throughout all indoor activities. 

Hand-washing - Kids Kount asks that parents and children entering the building sanitize their hands with the provided hand sanitizer before touching the check-in computer or entering the program. Staff will work with children to wash their hands thoroughly and often ensure they are clean. 

Temperature Checks - Kids Kount will be taking everyone's temperature upon entering the building using an inferred thermometer. Anyone with a temperature above 100.5 degrees will be asked to leave and with a doctor's note. 

Shoeless Classrooms- Shoes carry dirt and germs onto the floors of our classrooms. Little hands touch our floors and therefore we don't want the dirt and germs on their hands. We ask the staff and children to remove their shoes when entering the classroom and wear socks or wear slip-on shoes with a pair of socks provided.  

Classroom Sizes - Kids Kount believes in smaller ratios and providing more personalized care for every child, we always have low classroom ratios and have added safe distancing practices. 

Cleaning and Sanitizing - Kids Kount knows that children carry many germs and cleaning is a must. We use safe/non-toxic cleaning products while children are present in the classrooms and Texas Department of Family Protective Services Childcare Licensing approved sanitizing solutions when children leave for the day. We immediately remove any "excessively dirty" toys, toys that have been placed in a child's mouth, sneeze or coughed on, or toys that are well-loved. Excessively dirty toys may only re-enter the classroom when they have been thoroughly washed, rinse, sanitized, and dry.